I’m the self-taught calligrapher and owner behind Shina Alias Atelier based in the charming city of Montreal, QC. My calligraphy journey has been a path full of surprise, wonder, and discovery. After more than 3 years working on custom calligraphy pieces and wedding stationery, I’m still honing my craft by learning and studying with a various calligraphy masters.

As time passed, I also found myself wanting to be a part of the climate crisis solution in more meaningful ways. Besides working on my calligraphy small business on weekends/weeknights, I am an Urban Farming Advisor in my day job.

If you’re looking for bespoke wedding stationery or would like a custom-made piece for your loved one, please get in touch with me ahead of time for your event so that I may have enough time to do my best work for you.

You’ll find more of my work on Instagram: @shina.alias

Thank you for reading.